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Room at the Top of the Popes’ Palace

Coming soon to Avignon, France One of our favourite cities in France is Avignon. When we joined a virtual tour of the Palace of the Popes presented by Explore France, we found the perfect reason to return. A room to rent soon available at the top The room is the brainchild of Avignon’s tourist bureau. […]

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Ecuador means Equator

Ecuador and the Equator The equator runs through hundreds of places worldwide. But in Ecuador, this South American country proudly celebrates the fact it sits on the equator. Indeed, the Republic of Ecuador literally translates to “Republic of the Equator”.  Quito, its capital city, lies right in the middle of the imaginary line. Mapping the […]

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Taste the World

World Foods Time to test your taste buds on foods from around the world. Like beachworms, blue-skin chicken, scorpions/insects, guinea pig, yak burgers, rabbit, chaya, nopales, noni, arepas… Shock Foods Hmmm. Shock food probably belongs to the carnivorous family. Those not familiar to our North American palate. Let’s start with China. Beach(sand)worms In Beihai, southern […]

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