Hi! If you’ve clicked on this blog, then you must like to travel. New adventures. Different experiences.

We invite you to join us. Some of our experiences:

  • a bull fight in Mexico
  • how to be fish bait in Crete
  • how to eat a guinea pig in Ecuador
  • how not to behave on the Galapagos
  • wander through a souk in Tunisia
  • why we don’t ride elephants in Thailand

So much more awaits you! New postings several times a month…let us be your guide..vamos! (‘let’s go’ in Spanish) and explore the world together.

Our Latest Blogs

Petra – One of the Seven Wonders of the World

Why a Wonder of the World? The ancient city of Petra in Jordan became one of the 7 New Wonders of the World when it was chosen in 2007 by a vote of 100 million people.             Petra was the capital of the Nabatean Empire, an ancient Arab state that grew rich due to its […]

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Gondolier of Venice

Casanova and the Bridge of Sighs

Venice, Italy The Lover, the Bridge and the Doge The great lover, Giacomo Girolamo Casanova, once crossed the Bridge of Sighs on his way to prison in a dingy, dark, small cell. Known as the Leads, these dreaded cells were in the attic of the Doge’s Palace in Venice. Casanova was only 30 and had […]

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Hoi An, Vietnam – Falling in Love

Falling in Love in the Rain The year is 2006. We are touring Vietnam from Hanoi in the north to Ho Chi Minh City in the south. On a rainy, misty night we arrive in Hoi An. Located on the South China Sea, the city lies in the middle of the country, about 30 km […]

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