Hi! If you’ve clicked on this blog, then you must like to travel. New adventures. Different experiences.

We invite you to join us. Some of our experiences:

  • a bull fight in Mexico
  • how to be fish bait in Crete
  • how to eat a guinea pig in Ecuador
  • how not to behave on the Galapagos
  • wander through a souk in Tunisia
  • why we don’t ride elephants in Thailand

So much more awaits you! New postings several times a month…let us be your guide..vamos! (‘let’s go’ in Spanish) and explore the world together.

Our Latest Blogs

Awesome Tibet

We visited Tibet a number of years ago while we were in China. It has changed a lot since. China has firmly established its presence there to the sorrow of the resident Tibetans.

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next-to-final moment for the bull


Yes- Despite the opposition, part of me wants to experience this slice of Mexican culture originating from Spain. Yes! No- The smell of fresh blood mingled with red dust wafts up my nose.  Wanting to ward off the unwelcome stench in the bullfighting ring, I close my eyes. Slow down my breathing. No! I do […]

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