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What do the Chapel of Bones, Cork Trees, and Megaliths Have in Common?

All are located in or near the UNESCO heritage site of Évora, Portugal. Taste of the Past Évora, beautiful walled city of about 60,000 citizens, lies 1.5 hours east of Lisbon by bus or train. Its beginnings provide a taste of the past in Portuguese history. Tourist information here.             Influenced by the Moors and […]

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Ecolodging in Panama

More than Panama hats Indeed, the famous Panama hat is actually made in Ecuador. You can read about this phenomenon in a previous Vamostravelblog.             On this trip, however, we experience more of Panama’s natural world at Los Quetzales, a mountain ecolodge in Guadalupe village not far from the border with Costa Rica. Cloud Forest […]

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Singapore-The Trip That Never Happened

One year ago this month, we planned to fly to Singapore. Then COVID restrictions appeared, we cancelled, and now we drool over the sights, sounds, and tastes of the trip that never happened. Singapore Singapore is a republic, a sovereign island city-state in maritime Southeast Asia. It is about the same size as Bahrain. Singapore […]

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