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Fernando de Noronha, Natural Wonderland

UNESCO recognition This stunning archipelago of 21 islands lies in the Atlantic Ocean, 350 km (271 miles) off Brazil’s northeast coast, 3 degrees south of the equator. The islands have never been connected to the South American mainland. Thus, all endemic species of the archipelago have colonized the islands by flight or rafting over the […]

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Sweating and Swimming in Tayrona Park, Colombia

Sweat Panting, sweating, occasionally swearing, we follow a meandering up and down jungle trail in Tayrona Park — on the outskirts of Santa Marta — to Colombia’s Caribbean coast. To our chagrin, insects and heat are constant companions. Tourism Tayrona Park. Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta This area lies near the foothills of the Sierra […]

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What do the Chapel of Bones, Cork Trees, and Megaliths Have in Common?

All are located in or near the UNESCO heritage site of Évora, Portugal. Taste of the Past Évora, beautiful walled city of about 60,000 citizens, lies 1.5 hours east of Lisbon by bus or train. Its beginnings provide a taste of the past in Portuguese history. Tourist information here.             Influenced by the Moors and […]

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