Beatles statue by the waterfront Pier Head, near the Mersey ferries terminal

Best Things To Do In Liverpool 2024

Liverpool is one of the UK’s most famous and popular cities, with around 60 million people visiting the northern England city each year.

Famous for being the home of the Beatles, as well as one of England’s most successful football (soccer) teams, there are plenty of things to do and see when visiting the city.

So we asked UK travel blogger Mark of Solo Travel Man to give us the lowdown on the best things to do in Liverpool in 2024. He grew up 1.5 hrs by train from Liverpool and has visited many times so the info can be trusted.

Many of the best things to do in Liverpool are free

13 Best Things To Do In Liverpool in 2024

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best things to do in Liverpool in 2024 in no particular order:

1 – Take a stroll around the Royal Albert Docks

The most visited tourist destination in the north west of England that is also totally free to enter is the Royal Albert Docks in Liverpool, which is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

Based less than a mile from the city centre, the Docks is a historical landmark that was first opened in 1846 and is now the home to several top rated museums, galleries, exhibitions, trendy restaurants, bars, cafes and more.

This is Liverpool’s most famous waterfront area and is a really scenic place right next to the river Mersey. Whatever your plans are when in Liverpool, I highly recommend starting your trip with a visit to the Docks! It is one of the very best things to do in Liverpool and free to explore.

2 – Visit Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool is also home to Britain’s largest Cathedral and one of the most impressive buildings you’ll find anywhere in the country; Liverpool Cathedral.

You can walk to the cathedral from the city centre in about 15 minutes or so and it is well worth it. Both exterior and interior of the cathedral boasts stunning gothic architecture that was consecrated back in 1924.

As well as a place of worship, it also holds regular events and you can take a guided tour by experts which includes visiting the top of the tower. Cost to enter: free; audio tour £5; guided tour for 2hrs £25.

3 – See some live music at the Cavern Club

Liverpool is synonymous with music, and the city’s most famous music venue is the Cavern club, which is known as the birthplace of the Beatles. The famous band first began performing here in the early 1960s and the club has become iconic ever since.

The club is still just as popular today, with live music taking place seven days a week. The Cavern club is very much considered a mecca place for any Beatles fan and is an absolute must visit, being a big reason why so many tourists visit Liverpool each year.

It’s quite an intimate venue that is based in an actual cellar and is full of fascinating music memorabilia from the 1950’s (when the club first opened) to the present day. I have always enjoyed the music and atmosphere here.

Book a tour of all important Beatles sites here

4 – Take a tour of Anfield football stadium

Another big tourist attraction in Liverpool is Anfield football stadium, the home of Liverpool football (soccer) club. The club is known as one of the most successful British clubs in history and one of the most famous in the world with a rich history of success.

The stadium is based just under four miles from the city centre and seats over 60,000 football fans on a regular basis. You can take a tour of the stadium and visit the museum as well and relive the magic of this famous old football club. Cost £23 for a 1.5 hr tour. Includes visit to the museum.

5 – Experience the Beatles’ Story museum

Another top rated museum located next to the Royal Albert Docks is the popular Museum of Liverpool.

This is a fantastic museum that is free to enter and details the city’s unique history, its people, art and significance around the world. Based in an iconic building, you can easily spend a good few hours here learning all about the city and what makes it so special.

6 – Visit the Museum of Liverpool

Another top rated museum located next to the Royal Albert Docks is the popular Museum of Liverpool.

This is a fantastic museum that is free to enter and details the city’s unique history, its people, art and significance around the world. Based in an iconic building, you can easily spend a good few hours here learning all about the city and what makes it so special.

Admission £19 (children and seniors lower) includes museum, Discovery Zone (Sat & Sun), Fab4 cafes and stores.

7 – Enjoy some modern art at the Tate Liverpool

If you’re a modern art lover then I would definitely recommend visiting Tate Liverpool, which is temporarily based at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) until 2025, when it will move back to its home at the Royal Albert Docks.

There are several free temporary and permanent exhibitions, featuring renowned modern British artists such as Tracey Emin and Damien Hirst and international artists like Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.

Cost to enter: free; special exhibitions may be ticketed.

8 – Visit St. George’s Hall

One of Liverpool’s most impressive historical buildings is St. George’s Hall, which is a Grade I neoclassical landmark dating back to 1854. It is home to concert halls, law courts and is free for the public to enter.

Situated right opposite Liverpool Lime Street train station, it is an iconic building famous on several fronts: it was the world’s first commercially air conditioned building at the time of opening, it also had the largest barrel vaulted ceiling and the largest piped concert organ in the world.

The interior of the hall features awe inspiring architecture which is not to be missed when visiting Liverpool. It’s possible to take a guided tour of the building to learn all about its incredible history.

Cost to enter: free; The St George’s Hall Experience: The History Whisperer™ £6

9 – Take a ferry across the River Mersey

The best way to see the sights of Liverpool is to take a ferry on the famous river Mersey. The river itself is iconic to the city, with ferries having crossed the Mersey all the way back to the 12th century by Benedictine Monks.

The river is just as iconic to Liverpool locals as any building or landmark, representing the city’s history. You can catch a ferry cruise that lasts for 50 minutes and learn all about the river while enjoying breathtaking views of the city.

Cost: Explorer cruise of 50min £12; commuter ferry 10 min £2.90 one way, £3.80 return

Original song – Ferry Cross the Mersey

10 – Go Shopping at Liverpool One

Like any major city in the UK, Liverpool is also a great place to go shopping. The most popular shopping centre in the city is Liverpool One, which features over 170 stores, restaurants, bars, cafes and more.

There are all kinds of stores in this shopping centre, as well as a cinema, a mini golf course and an escape room – an ideal place for young families! 170 stores, restaurants and entertainment experiences are in 1 location. Free to enter but not to shop!

For some fun try Junkyard Golf located in the shopping centre – cost £8 – £17.

people shopping at Liverpool One in Liverpool city centre
View of people shopping in Liverpool One in Liverpool’s city centre.

11 – Europe’s oldest Chinatown

It is located a short stroll from Liverpool One shopping and is on Nelson St.. You can sample great Chinese cuisine at the many restaurants and shop a host of stores for Chinese products. Do not miss the authentic Chinese cuisine. One of the best places to try this food outside of China.

The impressive arch with hundreds of dragons and 2 great lions is the largest such arch outside China. In fact it was gifted to Liverpool by Shanghai. Free

12 – Go to Penny Lane

Penny Lane is in the Mossley Hill suburb of Liverpool and is the title of a Beatles’ song. It is where Paul McCartney would change buses to visit John Lennon. You will experience lots of Beatles fans. I always enjoy the festive atmosphere when I walk along this street. Free.

13 – Visit Strawberry Field

Strawberry Field is in the Liverpool suburb of Woolton and worth a visit especially if you are a John Lennon fan. He played here as a child when it was the site of the Salvation Army children’s home. He immortalized it in his song ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’. Cost is £10.95 to visit the exhibition, cafe, shop and gardens.

Is Liverpool Worth Visiting?

Yes, Liverpool is definitely worth visiting when travelling to the UK. There are a lot of amazing cities that are a good alternative to London, from the seaside city of Brighton on the south coast of England, to the capital of Scotland; Edinburgh.

In the north of England there are two major cities that attract tourists; Manchester and Liverpool. Although Manchester is considered the more trendy and diverse city, Liverpool has so much going for it.

It is the seventh largest city in the UK, smaller than less popular cities like Birmingham, but very iconic and unique to other cities, with so much rich history and diverse culture to explore.

It also has a thriving social scene and the most museums in any city in the country after London.

How long to spend in Liverpool

There’s lots to see in Liverpool – more than you thought. 3 days should be adequate to see most of the highlights. If you only have a day or two, you will have to prioritize the sights you most like to see. You can spend 1/2 day exploring the Royal Albert Docks. If you are an enthusiastic Beatles fan you will probably need most of a day to see most of those landmarks.

Is Liverpool Safe?

Yes, on the whole the city of Liverpool is considered a safe place to visit with a crime rate below the UK national average. It is renowned for being one of the friendliest cities in the UK, with the locals known for being very warm, friendly and helpful.

Best to avoid the neighbourhood of Toxteth where there is a higher crime rate. The area has many bars and clubs.

However, it’s always best to be aware of your surroundings at night or when you’re alone. Busier areas, such as the city center and Albert Docks are generally quite safe. At night if you are going outside the main area, take a taxi rather than walking.

Is Liverpool Expensive?

Compared to other UK cities like London or Edinburgh, Liverpool is a surprisingly cheap city to visit. Public transportation is cheap, food and drink can be cheap as well and several tourist attractions are relatively cheap to enter.

Visit one of the many traditional pubs in Liverpool and you’ll be able to buy a cheap pint of beer for example at just a few pounds, compared to London where in most pubs a beer will cost more in the region of £6-7 or higher.

Best Time To Visit Liverpool

Peak tourist season in Liverpool occurs during mid summer months; in July and August. Although that means the city will be at its most crowded, you can also expect the warmest weather during this period.

Visiting Liverpool during late spring or early autumn are good choices too, when there will be less crowds and accommodation will be cheaper.

I would definitely not recommend a visit to Liverpool during the winter months though; British weather can be very cold, grey, wet and windy with low temperatures during this season.

The People of Liverpool

Locals are commonly called ‘Liverpudlians’ and sometimes referred to as ‘Scousers’. Scouse is a local dish/stew of beef, carrots, potatoes and onions. It was likely brought to Liverpool hundreds of years ago by visiting sailors. BTW it is considered rude to mimic the Scouse accent – don’t do it!

What’s not to like about visiting Liverpool?

The Scouser accent can be a challenge to understand.

The weather can be changeable since Liverpool is on the northwest coast of England facing the Irish Sea not known for consistent weather. Just be prepared when you go.

History of Liverpool

There is evidence that a settlement, possibly called “Liuerpul”, existed as far back as 1190. In 1207 King John granted a charter for a planned new town. The town initially was small but became the 2nd most important port (after London) in England in the 18th century and grew rapidly. In 1830 a rail line between Manchester and Liverpool was completed. The development of rail lines in England provided access to world markets for English products.

Growth continued to the 20th century and then declined after WWII. Today Liverpool remains a major port for containerized shipping and as a terminus for cruise ships.

Liverpool Tourist Information

Get the latest info for tourists and also find out what’s on when you visit. The Tourist Information office is located in the Liverpool One shopping centre. Tourist guidebooks can be found here.

Book here to explore the city by bus with this overview

Fancy a walking tour? Book here

Maps of Liverpool

Getting Around Liverpool

Like pretty much all major cities in the UK, Liverpool has a very good public transportation system that is relatively cheap and easy to use.

The city has a total of 87 bus routes and over 300 stops taking you to wherever you want to go. All you have to do is hop on the right bus and pay either by cash, credit/debit card or the likes of Google Pay on your phone.

However, Liverpool is quite an easy place to walk around. On my last visit to the city I did just that; you can easily walk from the main train station (Liverpool Lime Street station) to the city centre in no time (less than ten minutes). Liverpool Cathedral is about a 10-15 minute walk from the train station, while the Royal Albert Docks take about 20 minutes by foot. If heading to Anfield football stadium then definitely take a bus as it’s quite a few miles outside of the city centre.

Of course, you can choose to catch a taxi or uber to anywhere you want in Liverpool, but expect to pay higher prices than public transportation.

How To Get To Liverpool

Liverpool is fairly easy to reach as well, whether you’re flying there from another country or travelling from within the UK. Liverpool John Lennon Airport is the closest international airport to the city, just 7 miles away. Mainly domestic and inter European flights only, mostly Ryanair and easyJet.

From the airport you can of course catch a taxi to the city centre, or the cheaper option is to catch the 500 bus from the airport to the city centre, which runs every 30 minutes from 4 am until midnight every day.

A wider range of international flights are at Manchester airport. Convenient train and bus connections to Liverpool are available and take about 1 hour. Cost is £4 – £6. By car the trip takes about 45 min.

If travelling from another UK city, let’s say London for example, then train is your best option. A train from London to Liverpool will typically take around 2 and a half hours, so it is possible to visit on a day trip from the UK capital. Cost £22 – £50 one way.

A return train ticket from London to Liverpool will cost in the region of £40-50, depending on how far in advance you book online.

Another option is of course to drive to Liverpool, there are several main motorway roads from all over the country to the city.

clip art train
clip art car

Where To Eat In Liverpool

Liverpool is a great city for restaurants, with plenty of diverse high class options. Here are three highly rated restaurants to try next time you visit the city. I have tried them and can report they are worth the trip:

Panoramic 34 – This is one of the UK’s highest restaurants, based on the 34th floor of Liverpool’s West Tower, some 300 feet above sea level. Needless to say that if you’re looking for a fine dining experience with amazing views of the city, then Panoramic 34 is your best choice. Best deal is the prix fixe (2 courses) from £59 or with 3 courses £69.

Smoke & Dough – This is a popular American Italian restaurant based in the city’s main shopping centre; Liverpool One. It offers a fantastic BBQ menu as well as cocktails and more.

Lunch from £9.99; Prix fixe £22.99 with bottomless grill (if all at the table participates). WOW!

Rudy’s Neapolitan Pizza – One of the best pizzerias in Liverpool, Rudy’s Pizzeria serves fresh, classic Neapolitan pizzas and is reasonably priced as well. From £7.9 – £13

Where To Stay In Liverpool

Knowing where to stay in Liverpool is far from easy as there are so many options depending on your budget. So here are 3 accommodation recommendations at three different prices:

Budget RecommendationeasyHotel Liverpool

If you’re on a tight budget while visiting Liverpool then I would definitely recommend a stay at easyHotel in Liverpool. From £43/night

Situated just a two minute walk from the city’s main shopping centre; Liverpool One, this is a very reasonably priced hotel with all of Liverpool’s major attractions very close by.

Mid-Range RecommendationPhoenix Hotel, Liverpool

Another top quality hotel worth considering for your stay in Liverpool is the Phoenix Hotel. This is a highly rated 4 star hotel based just a few miles outside of the city centre.

Rooms are spacious, contemporary and the hotel offers all the amenities you would expect from a top quality hotel. A shuttle bus from the airport can be arranged by hotel staff as well. From £70/night

Luxury RecommendationRadisson RED Hotel, Liverpool

If you’re looking for a more luxurious stay in Liverpool, then look no further than the Radisson RED Hotel.

This is a fantastic 4 star hotel located in a stunning historical building just 100 metres from Liverpool Lime Street train station. It has a 24 hour front desk service, a top fine dining restaurant and rooms feature amazing views of the city. From £101/night

For other properties and prices click here

Conclusion: Best Things To Do In Liverpool 2024

So that concludes my post of best things to do in Liverpool in 2024. Liverpool is such an interesting city in the UK, probably the most famous and unique outside of London.

It is full of history and is a great place to visit for a few days whether you’re a music lover, a football fanatic or just want to experience what a major city in the UK has to offer.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading why Liverpool is such a highly rated place to visit and I hope it’s inspired you to visit there soon!

Author Bio

Mark is from Wolverhampton in England and started travel blogging back in August 2022 after deciding to combine his love of writing and travelling.

In 2013 he quit his day job and travelled the world solo for nine months. Ever since then he has continued his travels whenever possible and has visited over 40 countries, mostly as a solo traveller.

His aim with his travel blog is to give expert, up to date and in depth advice on the places he has visited and build connections with fellow travellers out there.

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