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The birth records for most of the elephants at the park are spotty so the staff make educated guesses using the wrinkles around the eye. This one is in her 60s and is sight impaired. We were given instructions to only approach elephants from the front and at a slight oblique angle so they can see you. Elephants who are totally blind use their feet to feel vibrations from the earth as well as their trunk touching the ground in front as they walk. (like a white cane).

Why We Don’t Ride Elephants in Thailand

The Maharaja Riding his Elephant As children, most of us remember tales and photos of Maharajas riding to battle atop their elephants. No image was as powerful as a leader…

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This is the Cowboy Hat Lady made famous in North America by a segment of Anthony Bourdain (CNN) in Chiang Mai (you can google the episode). She serves Khao Kha Moo - slow cooked pork leg at a night food market. She has been doing this for years. One day she wore a hat to shield her eyes from the light - it is now her signature. The stewed pork leg is served on rice with a hard boiled egg. There is a sour chili sauce and pickled mustard greens (on the table) to finish the dish. We had a side of fried bamboo shoots. With beer the total cost was less than $10. The stewed pork leg reminded us of pulled pork. Yummy!

Eats ‘n Treats in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Map of Thailand Street Food, Fine Food in Northern Thailand From the Cowboy Hat Lady cook in a street stall to a more refined Northern Thailand  restaurant, your tastebuds will…

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The Elusive Elephant

             “Come ‘ere! Come ‘ere!”         One of our tour companions waves excitedly. Points. We rush to where he’s standing. Hopeful.           “Right there! See them trees moving! Right there!”            Squint…

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