Santé at Millévin in Avignon

Côtes du Rhône wine: to your health

A festival of wine, feasting and camaraderie awaited us in Avignon in Provence, France, two years ago. Santé!

map of France
Map of France

Millévin, an annual event held in mid-November, celebrates this area’s new and old Côtes du Rhône vintages along with gastronomic delights.

Throughout ancient cobbled streets, one can hear the word Santé, as the French raise a glass to your health.


Close your eyes and dream. For the moment, forget about the world’s problems and the pandemic, and join us.

Special treat early

In the morning there are tastings (free of course) at the fresh food market Les Halles in central Avignon. Wine at 10 a.m. is a special treat.

morning wine
Morning wine

A Celebration of Wine

Throughout the day, enjoy tastings of the Côtes du Rhône Primeur wines, sales of the recent Côtes du Rhône vintages and a parade of winemaking brotherhoods. Each winemaking vinyard flies its own banner and employees wear its distinctive gowns.

winemakers brotherhood at Millévin,
A group from the winemakers brotherhood.

The evening continues in Avignon restaurants that offer special Côtes du Rhône menus.

Place de l’Horloge

At 6 p.m., as darkness descends, make your way to the large white tent at Place de l’Horloge in the heart of Avignon’s old historic centre. The enlightened are gathering!

crowd tasting wine and appetizers
Crowd tasting wine and appetizers

            Purchase an empty wine glass for 5€ and receive five tokens for five tastings.

To accompany the wine, sample plates of appetizers — many featuring locally produced foie gras and other French culinary delights — selling at the low price of 3€ each.

Historic streets are alive…

with the sound of music and the taste of wine.

music and wine
music and wine

            Throughout Avignon’s centre, groups of musicians perform jazz, classical, rock, folk tunes.  Even Rolling Stones classics are sung in English.

More wine!

Scattered throughout the historic streets—as you listen to the entertainment—are winemakers. Each offers their new vintages in temporarily erected booths.

As long as you hold a glass, it will be filled with wine.

Happy patrons

Throngs of happy people wander through the old city, singing, sipping, shouting Santé with their half-filled wine glasses.

Warm memories

When life returns to normal, we heartily recommend you take in Millévin in the historic city of Avignon. Make warm memories to last a lifetime.

COVID update

Due to the current health crisis, unfortunately, Millévin 2020 is cancelled. This festive get-together for the entire Côtes-du-Rhône production area plus the opportunity to learn about and taste the new wine and other vintages awaits your presence when the country re-opens.

A Votre Santé!


To your health!

Sights and Sounds of the Festival

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Travelled: November, 2018

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