Hoodoos, Badlands, Dinosaurs,Ghosts

Where can you find hoodoos, badlands, dinosaurs and ghosts in close proximity? Easy… …Alberta, Canada! Drive east for about one-and-half to two hours from Calgary to Drumheller. Get ready for…

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The Beautiful People of Belize

Belize is blessed with beautiful people. Ethnically, the Belizean people are Maya, Mestizo, Kriol, Garifuna, East Indian, Arab and Chinese (mainly Taiwanese).  As well, there are a number of Mennonite…

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La Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia (Holy Family Church) - Famous cathedral designed by Gaudi - started in 1883 and still under constrution (due to be completed in 2016)

La Sagrada Familia

Tallest Church in the World The extraordinary basilica, La Sagrada Familia, has been in the process of construction for over 100 years now. Adorned with symbolism, construction on this famous…

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Eco Etiquette in the Galápagos
Welcome to the Galapagos Islands. "not too close please"... "I SAID NOT TOO CLOSE!!!"

Eco Etiquette in the Galápagos

Our experience travelling in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. We see many unique species of birds, land and sea life. A lesson in eco etiquette.

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Legendary Women of Colombia
Botero's 'Woman with Mirror'. "I fatten my characters to give them sensuality", he says.

Legendary Women of Colombia

Legendary Women of Colombia At least three monuments immortalize the prominent presence of legendary women in Colombia’s past. Two are erected in Santa Fe de Antioquia, near Medellin, a city…

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