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The lodge provided us with this photo of the resplendant quetzal which we had seen in a blur. The bird was sacred to the ancient Maya and Aztec peoples. Royalty and priests wore the feathers as part of ceremonial dress. The birds were not usually killed but only the freathers were taken. New feathers grew every mating season.

Ecolodging in Panama

More than Panama hats Indeed, the famous Panama hat is actually made in Ecuador. You can read about this phenomenon in a previous Vamostravelblog.             On this trip, however, we…

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This is the Cowboy Hat Lady made famous in North America by a segment of Anthony Bourdain (CNN) in Chiang Mai (you can google the episode). She serves Khao Kha Moo - slow cooked pork leg at a night food market. She has been doing this for years. One day she wore a hat to shield her eyes from the light - it is now her signature. The stewed pork leg is served on rice with a hard boiled egg. There is a sour chili sauce and pickled mustard greens (on the table) to finish the dish. We had a side of fried bamboo shoots. With beer the total cost was less than $10. The stewed pork leg reminded us of pulled pork. Yummy!

Eats ‘n Treats in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Map of Thailand Street Food, Fine Food in Northern Thailand From the Cowboy Hat Lady cook in a street stall to a more refined Northern Thailand  restaurant, your tastebuds will…

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