Another Day, Another Scam, aka Ali Part 2
Ali shows us his samples of perfume .. from the Tunisian favourite jasmine to cactus ("same as Chanel # 5", he says) and the 'boom boom' oil for men for great sex. We purchased pure lemon oil for relaxation - we felt obligated after his tour to the 'panorama' which included other stops including one to a Mederasa, school for the study of the Quran, as well as several more mosques, all located within the walls of the medina with its maze of narrow twisting streets.

Another Day, Another Scam, aka Ali Part 2

Ali shows us samples of his perfumes.

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Of Popes and Wine
Palais des Papes - (Palace of the Popes) built in the early part of the 14th century.

Of Popes and Wine

If you thought Roman Catholic Popes always lived in the Vatican City in Rome, think again.            Better yet, visit Avignon, a historic mediaeval city in central France in Provence.…

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Sur le Pont

Ever been disappointed when you finally reach a travel destination that’s been on your bucket list forever?            Happens all the time: a monument is not as large as you…

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Ali Part 1

As soon as our guide dropped us off at the Souk (a smaller version of The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul) in Sousse, Ali appeared by our side.  I recognize you…

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How to Buy the Perfect Panama Hat
Panama Hat - originated in Ecuador as Montecristi hats, named after the town where the Toquilla plant is grown. The leaves are dried and the fibers separated and used to make hats. The Spanish recognized the quality and exported them via Panama to Europe. Since they came from "Panama" they got the name Panama hats. Also the workers digging the Panama Canal used these light and very durable hats to protect themselves from the sun.

How to Buy the Perfect Panama Hat

What do actresses Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow and celebrities like Miss Ecuador have in common?  And when they were alive, President Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Humphrey Bogart and Gary Cooper…

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Family-sized scooter


Motorbikes----Yikes! A sinister looking stranger---streaked with black dirt, smeared with black asphalt--- loomed over my sunbathing body on this Greek Island beach. He cast a shadow, forcing me to open…

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The Elusive Elephant

             “Come ‘ere! Come ‘ere!”         One of our tour companions waves excitedly. Points. We rush to where he’s standing. Hopeful.           “Right there! See them trees moving! Right there!”            Squint…

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